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Casa Reasco vacation rental apartments in the Alta Maremma

Piazza del Popolo 6, I-58030 Torniella (GR), Italy
Cell +39 338 9025421 or +39 333 2766744


Things to see and do in the Maremma

Casa Reasco is ideally situated for day trips to several famous and interesting localities in southwest Tuscany:
Siena 40 minutes to the north.
Grosseto (35 min) and the Maremma natural park (60 mins) ( to the south - pictures below).
Montalcino (60 mins), San Quirico, Pienza and Montepulciano (90 min) lie in a line eastwards.
Massa Marittima (35 min) is to the west.
San Gimignano (60 min), Volterra (80 min) and Poggibonsi are a bit further away, to the northwest of Siena.
The beaches of Castiglione della Pescaia, Marina di Grosseto, Punta Ala and Follonica are reachable in 40-50 minutes.

Closer by there are some less well-known but very beautiful sights, the most famous being the ruined abbey of San Galgano (15 min) and the nearby Hermitage of Montesiepi with the famous sword embedded in stone (pictures below). Just south of Siena is the village of Sovicille and the Hermitages of Lecceto and Rosa (about 30 mins), the former monastery inhabited, the latter a ruin.

The locality is ideal for walking and bicycle excursions, during which it is possible to encounter various animals such as wild boar, foxes and porcupines. One of many sign-posted walking paths arrives at the waterfalls on the Farma stream known as i Canaloni (picture below) where one may bath or go fishing during the summer months. It is possible to rent bicycles for an excursion.

There are also many local historical and archaeological sites:

The foundry of Torniella, an iron foundry originating in the mediaeval period with more recent but interesting structures visible now, Castle of the Belagaio, Thermal baths of Petriolo and the Etruscan ruins at Vetulonia.

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The foundry of Torniella

Terme (hot springs) di Petriolo

I Canaloni waterfalls

The castle of Belagaio

The castle of Belagaio


San Galgano

Abbazia di San Galgano

The ruined gothic Abbey of Galgano

Click here for the legend of Saint Galgano and the sword in the rock

Hermitage of Montesiepi
Hermitage of Montesiepi

Eremo di Montesiepi
St Galgano's sword

Castiglione della Pescaia

Castiglione della Pescaia

The seaside at Castiglione della Pescaia

Maremma bird life

Maremma Parco dei Ucelli

Maremma cows

Maremma visit

The Maremma natural park

The Maremma Park extends over a rectangular area of 17,000 hectares, bounded on the north by the Tombolo pine forest and Talamone in the south. Within the park is the mouth of the river Ombrone, the pine forest of the Grand-dukes at Marina di Talamone, and the Uccellina mountain range which is 500 m at its highest. You can still see the eight mediaeval towers built there by Cosimo I de’ Medici, to warn him of danger approaching from the sea. At Poggio Lecci you can see the ruins of the Abbey of San Rabano, built in the eleventh century and dismantled by the Siennese in the fifteenth. Down below there are caves which were inhabited in prehistoric times. There are tours of the park which go in search of rare plants and wildlife (there are 229 protected species of birds) and to enjoy the views over the islands of the archipelago. NOTE that the park is not open every day and you should start early - it gets very hot in summer.

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Castello di Talemone
Castello di Talemone

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